Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slot 0 Drive Array controller controller failure issue on HP BL460c G7 servers

Slot 0 HP Smart array P44i0 controller controller issue?

Steps to resolve:

This error is mainly due to the HDD failure issue, But we have to find defective hard disk. In this case you find any amber color indication on Hard disk also.     

If you are observing this error on HP G7 blade servers, do the following steps to resolve this issue.

1. Remove 1 HDD from slot 0 on the Blade, and try to boot with another HDD. 

2. If you are observing any error like, there is no hard disk presented in drive array  to install the OS,, then we come to know that , slot 0 hard disk failed. just remove that slot 0  hard disk and put a new hard disk in the same slot , and boot the servers again.

3. After booting , you can observe a message called, Array initialization,then it will ask you press F2 to re-enable the Drive.Press F2 it will re enabled that drive. 

4. Then go to RAID levels, just check both hard disks are detecting or not.

5. If the RAID is configured with RAID  0, Then Re install the OS.

6. If it is configured with RAID 1 , no need to install the OS, it will automatically boot from Hard disk.

6. If your not observing any error message ,after 2nd step, then slot 1 hard disk was failed. then put  new hard disk in slot 1  and do the same.