Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Linux System Admin Interview Questions & Answers part 2

1. Which of the following below are true functionalities of Kernel?
answer: Allocates time and memory to programs

2. Which of the following below are true functionalities of shell?
Answer: Authenticates user Interprets commands

3. Which command is used to find what is in your home directory?
Correct answer: % ls

4. cd home to get back to your home-directory?
answer: False

5. Which command is used to clear the screen?
Correct Answer: Clear

6. The head command writes the first _____________ lines of a file to the screen.
answer: ten

7. What is used to search files for specified words or patterns?
answer: grep

8. > symbol is used to redirect the output of a command
answer: True

9. Pipe symbol is represented by
answer: |

10. Which character is used to match exactly one character?
answer: ?

11. Which command is used to see the online manual?
answer: man

12. A process is identified by a unique
answer: pid

13. A process can run only in the background
Answer: True

14. Which command reduces the size of a file?
answer: gzip

15. Find command can search for?
nswer: Files

16. How can we find the current value for shell variables?
answer: Set command

17. What is the difference between PATH and path?
answer: PATH and path specify directories to search for commands and programs

Both variables always represent the same directory list
Altering either automatically causes the other to be changed

18. What is the default number of shell commands saved in the history list of .cshrc file?
Correct answer: 200

19. What is the difference between linux file system and windows file system?
answer: Under Windows, the various partitions are detected at boot and assigned a drive letter whereas Under Linux, unless you mount a partition or a device, the system does not know of the existence of that partition or device.

20. What is the content of /etc directory?
answer: it contains all configuration file

21. /temp is a type of filesystem directory
answer: False

22. The basic function of ______________ is to search files for lines (or other units of text) that contain a
answer: awk

23. Which of the following below is/are true for Date command?
answer: It can work w/o arguments

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