Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Linux System Admin Interview Questions & Answers part 3

1. Echo is used to Display message on screen. Which of the following options below should be used with echo to not output the trailing newline?
answer: -n

2. mount –r is used to mount a file in read only mode
answer: True

3. Which command is most useful when you want not only to send some data down a pipe, but also to save a copy?
Answer: tee

4. There is no difference between who and whoami command?
Correct answer: False

5. When trying to compare two files using cmp, if the files differ; what is the output?
answer: tells the first byte and line number where they differ

6. Cal is used to display calendar. If no arguments are supplied, what is displayed?
answer: The current month is displayed

7. Which of the following command is used to test a network connection?
answer: ping

8. Ping will only report damaged packets.
answer: False

9. Which of the following are valid functions of Red Hat Package Manager?
Answer: Used to verify software engine to search for software’s

10. What is the Non interactive mode of nslookup used for?
answer: Fetch information about the specified host or domain

11. Nettop is used to find network usage
Answer: True

12. In _____________ state of a process, the process will be terminated and the information will still be available in the process table.
Answer: Zombie

13. Which system call is used to bias the existing property of process?
answer: bias()

14. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a type of
answer: Environmental variable

15. What is the major difference between UNIX and LINUX?
answer: Linux is an open source and free software

16. What is the use of a pipe?
Answer: Several functions can be combined in a single statement.Stream input to output.

17. By default, the shell uses the _______________ library
answer: readline

18. The kernel cannot be updated.
answer: False

19. Which of the following below are types of shell?
answer: sh, shell

20. The ______________ file contains all the information of users on your system
Answer: /etc/passwd

21. Which directory is used to write messages when kernel is loading? answer: /var/log/messages

22. Which command is used to report on the status of the quotas that have set including the amount of allocated space and amount of used space?
answer: repquota -a

23. Linux Supports Virtualized File Systems Like RAID.
answer: True

24. When Linux is installed, which account is created by default?
answer: Root

25. Using CHMOD if we want to give ALL permissions to a user, which mode is used?
answer: 777

26. Why do we use pgrep command?
answer: To search through the currently running processes