Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OS Installation steps for Dell Power Edge M620 Blade Server

OS Installation steps for Dell Power Edge M620 Blade Server


1 . First assign an OA IP to the DELL chassis. then we can able to take it as remotely.

Open Browse, Login to that chassis, using assigned IP Address . 

2. By default, the Username is root, and password is calvin. enter these credentials.

3. Then we are able to login to Chassis. Here we can see Chassis have 16 Slots, But only 1 blade severs is presented.

Here we can see all the details of chassis.

4. Select particular Blade Sever.

5. Then Click on Launch Remote Console Button on the Quick Links tab. It will prompt you to the following page.

6. click on Launch Virtual console

7. Again click on Launch Remote Console. 

8. Now we are successfully able to login to particular Blade. Then we will see , how to Install OS on this Machine.

9. We can Install OS in Number of Ways, Here we will discuss OS installation through Image File.

10. Click on Add image, and Select a image file.  Click on Mount option. then Power Tab, Reboot the server.

11. While Booting Press F10 for life Cycle controller.

12. It will prompt you to Life Cycle Controller Screen.

 13. Select OS Deployment Option.

14. Select Deploy OS Option.

15. If  we want to configure Hard Ware RAID select Configure RAID First, other wise Select OS Deployment.

16, Select The Operating System from Listed Ones

17. Select Next option 

18. click on next button.

 19. Then Click On finish Button.

20. Then System will automatically rebooted.  

21. After this select Installation, it will ask you to enter Host name and IP, Gate way,Net mask  and DNS. enter all those things. with in 40 Min OS Installation will be finished. 


  1. What's the difference between using the LifeCycle controller versus mounting a Virtual Media ISO and choosing to that on the "Next Boot " ?

  2. There is a difference b/w HP servers and Dell. for HP servers we can directly mount ISO image and select boot form CD option from the BOOT MENU. But for Dell machines we have to mount the image first and reboot it and select the options in life cycle controller . So that the server will understand what type of image its is deploying and we can create RAID in life controller itself.

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